Krish Commercial Office Fitouts

Krish Commercial Office Fitouts

Your Business Needs An Office That Inspires…

And Attracts Talent.

Our team has made a name for itself for delivering Brisbane office fitouts that create beautiful & functional offices.

Our commercial office fitouts are not only affordable, but also inspiring. Every finished space will help bring out the best in each employee and draw new talent in.

In addition to providing Brisbane with office fitouts, we also specialize in:

  • Small office fitouts  
  • Dental office fitouts
  • Bar and shop fitouts
  • Education Facility fitouts
  • And much more

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Small Office Furbishment_Desks And Chairs
Small Office Fitout Completed In Brisbane
Bar Fitout Project In Australia

Office Fitouts Brisbane

The cost of operating an office that’s incapable of attracting and retaining top-tier talent is immeasurable. Investing in an office fitout might just be the type of investment needed to motivate your team to greater heights.  

An investment in a commercial office fitout is an investment in your business and it’s an investment in the people that work for you. 

We understand that many business operating margins are tight, as such we seek to tailor fit out solutions that fit all budgets.

Office Fitouts

Our office fitouts Brisbane services can help change a poorly organized office into an aesthetically appealing commercial office.

Over the years, we have built a reputation for completinh projects on time and within budget.

Make-Good Projects

There is no reason you should forego your security deposit. Just because the space has undergone some wear and tear and some customizations to suit your brand, does not mean you should lose your deposit.

We will restore your office to the same state it was the day you moved in.

Office Furniture Fitout

We’ll locate office furniture that goes perfectly with your office.

Additionally, we have strong purchasing power, which means we source furniture at excellent prices. Conference tables, sofas, office partitions, desks, and chairs and more.

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A White-Glove Office Refurbishment All The Way To Your New Office

Inspiration & Design


As a leading office fitout Brisbane contractor, we have invested in the best talent in the industry. Our team comprises renowned designers skilled at transforming your current office into somewhere you and your team will love coming to work each day. 

To begin, we seek to understand what your ideal office space looks like. From there, we assign the best team for your desired office fitout final product.

Project Manage & Create


Project management is a critical component of an office refurbishment. Good project management is the cornerstone of a great new office fitout experience for our clients. 

Our team gets projects completed within budget and on time.

Move In & Flourish


Ahhh..all done. Time to move in. Get excited to experience your new and imporved office that features effective use of available space, modern technology, and perfectlt suited furniture. 

Expect productivity, collaboration, and attendance rates to skyrocket, thanks to the redesigned space that draws your team to the office.

Chat with our team to explore your new office possibilities


We start with an exploratory discussion around your current office’s challenges and shortcomings.

If you have ideas for your new office we’d love to hear them at this stage.


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Client Testimonials

“My team could not be happier. They are dying to come back to our office having spent time working from home during COVID. “

Patrick Thomson

“The transformation is remarkable. Our office does not look like it even in the same building as our office pre-refurbishment. “

Jeff Dow

“New Office Fitout pros for sure. We wanted to improve the our new office before we moved in. The C-suite is very happy with the investment”

Brenna Redding

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Design, Build or Design & Build


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Some of Our Past Office Fitout Clients

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Small Office Refurbishment Project In Brisbane Cbd


Small Office Fitouts

Our company handles small office fitouts in the Brisbane area better than our competition. We started out as a team focused purely on small and medium office fitouts, and it’s a specialization we have not lost.

The reality is that it’s not easy to effectively utilize a small working space. It takes skill and experience for a designer to work with small avilable space.

We encourage all business owners who have a limited working space to chat with us. 


Health & Medical Office Refurbishment

Gone are the days when plain and normal were the go-to look for hospitals and medical centers.

Today, patients want to find a place that’s not only modern, but also calming.

And lets not forget that your staff expect a modern workplace that is a pleasure to go to each day.

Medical Office Reception After A Refurbishment
Bar Fitout In Brisbane

bar | Retail

Bar Fitouts | Retail Store Fitouts

Privately Owned Retail outlets and local Bars share one thing in common, most of them keep a very close eye on their operating budgets because often their is not a lot of room for a down month or significant upgrades.

As retail store fitouts experts, we are fully aware of this, and always strive to work with what’s available from a budgetary standpoint.

Challenge us to create your dream bar or store.

We'd Love To Discuss Your New Office Ideas

Design, Build or Design & Build

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 Dental Office Fit-outs

Our office in Brisbane has recently seen an upsurge in the number of practitioners looking for a dental fitout.

It seems that dental practitioners have increasingly started to notice the importance of having a modernized office. 

Patients choose their dentist for reasons more than just the skills of the dentist. And you better believe the appeal of the dental office is important in their decision.

Dental Office Fitout
Lecture Theatre In University Of Queensland

Public Sector

Government & Education

Times have changed, and with it, has been the need to alter how education and government buildings look & function.

There is not doubt teachers and students are more attentive and perform better in an environment that is comfortable and conducive to learning. 

Every fitout project is managed by a team who understands how to get the work done with the very least disruption to anyone inside your building.


Laboratory Fitouts

Anyone who works in a laboratory appreciates the value of having an environment that is well laid out and ‘everything is where it needs to be’. And of course proper and safe storage of many items is critical to a functioning laboratory. 

Our team of designers understand this as well as anyone.

Laboratory In University Of Queensland
Empty Office After Make-Good


Industrial & Commercial Make-Good Projects

Make better use of your usable space inside your warehouse or other industrial property. This is easy when you design your space around your intended uses. 

We have recruited a highly experienced and well-trained team of commercial fitout designers who excel at doing just this. 

And For clients who are in need of a make-good project, we have a different Brisbane-based team. This particular team specializes in restoring commercial and office buildings to their original state within the shortest duration, and at, an affordable price.


Home Office Fitouts

We are a renowned team of home office fitout specialists in Brisbane and its surrounding subrubs.

Our specialzed home office fitouts team can transform any space into something remarkable and enjoyable.

Professionals working remotely need access to a space where they can be productive, and still be within reach when needed. We can make this happen for you!

Home Office Fitout In Bulwer Brisbane

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Let’s Create Your Perfect Office

 We have team of architects and designers who are highly specialized in their respective fields. Whether we’re talking about  small to medium sized office refurbishments, large corporate office spaces, bar and retail fit outs, home office fitouts and even medical and laboratory refurbishments.


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